Coledale Oysters Winter Swimming Club

Monday, August 15, 2005

History of the Coledale Oysters (formerly Northern Oysters)
Winter Swimming Club

How the club was formed

On a winters day in 1964 a challenge was issued from the Coledale RSL to the Northern Suburbs Leagues Club for a swim relay in the Oyster infested pool at Coledale (That’s how we came by our name).
North’s won and the following year 1965 saw the first season of the northern Oysters Winter Swimming Club.
The old pool was then only 33 yards long.
Up until 1924 there had been a natural rock pool in the area of the present pool and in that year the North Bulli Mine commissioned two of their miners, Charlie Ring and Jack Charlton to extend the pool.
The blasting had to be done at low tide and this sometimes meant late at night. Apparently there were complaints from the locals about an almighty blast at midnight. Charley Ring claimed the blast was delayed due to the fuse getting wet. The local people arranged working bees to remove the rubble and this was placed against the cliff and forms the base for the path up to the scout hall.
In 1968 the pool was extended to 50 metres and properly squared off with the addition of diving blocks.
My thanks to Gary Turner for this information which was featured in the Northern News in 1991.
We changed our name to the Coledale Oysters in 1983 when we used to adjourn to the Northern Suburbs League Club (Now it’s the Planet day care centre).
We moved to our present home at the RSL in 1995 when North’s was sold.

Monday, July 25, 2005

2001 Annual Photo.

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